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Update Stock

The stock is updated on each product update you send to the shop. This procedure generates much overhead you probably don’t want. Good thing there is an endpoint to update the stock status separately.

POST: https://your-erp-server.com/api/erp/product/stock/{SKU}?key={your-api-key}

As response you should get the complete product data of the update product.

Stock status

instockProduct is in stock
outofstockProduct is sold out

Backorder status

allowAllows backorders of the product
notifyAllow backorders but notify the customer
noForbids backorders of the product

Batch update Product Stock

To update the product stock status in batch you can use the batch update endpoint

POST: https://your-erp-server.com/api/erp/product/stock?key={your-api-key}

As a response you will return a list with the updated stock of the products.

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