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Update Prices

You can update product prices by using the /product/price endpoint.
The URL-structure is as follows.

POST: https://your-erp-server.com/api/erp/product/price/{shop-slug}/{product-sku}?key=foo

Please provide the prices grouped in price lists as you are used from product creation.

As a response you will receive all prices available for this product in the selected shop.

Please note that the price update is not destructive. Values you do not provide will not be overwritten. Please set the according field to an empty value to remove the previously set value.


Edit prices in batch

The single price update can take more time if you want to send out updates in batch. For batch updates please use the batch price update functionality for multiple products.

Please note that for the price update the shop and the price_list field must be set! This way you can batch-update prices for multiple products, in multiple price lists in multiple shops.

POST: https://your-erp-server.com/api/erp/product/prices?key={your-api-key}

As response you will receive a list with all prices of the product (not just the updated ones!).

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