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Product Tags

List Product Tags

To list all existing product tags use the following endpoint. (work in progress)

GET: https://your-erp-server.com/api/erp/tags

Create Product Tags

Product tags can be created through the tags endpoint.

POST: https://your-erp-server.com/api/erp/tags

Please note that the label attribute is translatable and will be saved as translation according to the locale of the shop which is provided in your request.

The interface will return the created tags and any errors that have occured.

Delete Product Tag

To delete a Product Tag just send a DELETE request to the tag endpoint.

Please note: The deletion of a tag with products will result in a resynchronization of the products the tag was previously assigned to.

DELETE: https://your-erp-server.com/api/erp/tag/{tag-slug}
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